The Red Ruff Inn in Cheyenne WY – Up to Their Old Tricks, Still Attempting to Ruin (New) People’s Lives

As if it wasn’t enough the Red Ruff Inn dropped my dog off at the Cheyenne animal shelter when I was on vacation because they did not like some things I said in a few back-and-forth emails with them regarding underfeeding my dog, it would appear the Cheyenne Mafia at the Red Ruff Inn is back and badder than ever.

A lady named Holly contacted me recently. I’ll simply share her story as she said it here:

“I have seen your reviews of Red Ruff in Cheyenne. I’m getting ready to file a small claims case on them. After seeing your reviews now, would you mind writing me a statement of your experience with them that I can present in court.

They have basically done the same thing to me. My regular kennel was full so I booked this place. 8 hours after I dropped them off, I got a call from them saying my dog’s foot was hurt, and may or may not need to go to vet. Long day later – and 5 different stories later, they dropped both my dogs off at my vet. And now after I asked them to sit down and meet about it and come clean about how my dog got hurt – they refused.

So I left them reviews on FB, Yelp, and Google – and she is freaking out. She has others going on and writing reviews to counter mine. She is trying to cause personal problems for me. She got my boyfriend’s co-worker and best friend involved (as he was who recommended against them). And now because his wife is friends with Brittany – he is now backing them up. And they have lied to him, saying I was bashing them (totally untrue) and now my boyfriend and I have broken up over it – as apparently Brittany is very believable.

I wasn’t initially going to even go after them for my vet bills. My dog ended up having surgery, and I’m not just going to let this go now.”

So if you needed a reason to not use the Red Ruff Inn in Cheyenne, Wyoming, now you have 2.

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