Training a Dog to Sniff & Detect Bed Bugs!

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bed bug dogs find bed bugs hiding

Look out Fido!

First came the vampire nocturnal bed bugs, then- came the bed bug sniffing detection dogs. Now more and more stories about the bed bug outbreak are making headlines in regional and national news.

The problem appears to be mounting all across the globe, and families are justifiably distressed because when these pesky creatures suck on the person’s blood they cause unsightly bug bite marks and troublesome skin irritation. And, because they range from just 1 to 6 millimeters in length, so the demand for bed bug dogs is skyrocketing in popularity.

Plus, sniffing dogs have proven to be up to 100 percent accurate when well-trained at finding out bed bugs. Here is a guide on all that you need to know about the bed bug dogs:

What Are Bed Bug Dogs?

They are dogs that are specifically trained to sniff out elusive bed bugs, in absolutely the same manner that a dog may be trained to find the pot hoarded in your luggage, locate a corpse buried in the woods, or lead the blind. These dogs are scientifically proven and viable alternative to conventional methods of bed bug detection.

They not only detect the bugs, but also catch bed bug eggs that can be extremely difficult to locate. They can alert at the smell of a single beg, and can additionally find out bed bug infestations around and behind walls and switch plates.

where are the bed bugs hidingHow Do You Train Your K-9 To Be A Bed Bug Dog?

You all know that dogs can be well trained to sniff out explosive and drugs, but can they be well trained to sniff out nettlesome parasite creatures? Well, the answer is yes! You can certainly train a dog to detect bed bugs, and he will easily be able to tell you where the bugs are. So how do you train a dog to be a bed bug dog?

. Take 5 salt shakers, look for several bed bugs, and place them in 3 of the shakers. In one of the empty shaker, keep the eggs, fecal matter, and skin casting.
. Let the dog sniff the shakers that only contain the bed bugs so that he doesn’t baffle scents.
. Next, bring him out of the room, and close all the doors. Hide all the shakers, and he should not be able to see what you are doing.
. Bring him back into the room, and issue a command “fetch” that you will be using each time later.
. Reward the pooch with a positive reinforcement, and some healthy dog treat. Repeat this each time he locates the shakers with the bugs.
. Keep repeating the exercise till the pooch understands properly what exactly you want him to do.

Rewarding with treats immediately after finds trains the dog to remember the task at hand.

How Much Does A Bed Bug Canine Cost?
The initial cost for a bed bug dog can be anywhere from $8000 to $16000. However, the cost to maintain the dog, the cost of the handler, and the cost to keep up with the long-term training is separate and must also be considered.

dogs that detect bedbugsHow Are Bed Bug Dogs Used?

A bed bug dog actually smells the blood of human in the feces of the bed bugs, and that is how he smells the bed bugs. Due to his keen sense of smell, the canine can detect the bugs even inside walls with about 98 percent accuracy. While it can take several hours for humans to search through a complete room, ripping out ground boards, and tearing apart room furniture to visually locate the bugging bugs, the bed bug dog can instantly smell the presence of live bug infestation in any given area. As soon as he suspects a bed bug, he acts promptly.

Why Are They Effective?

According to the research by the University of Florida Department of Entomology, it was found that well trained bed bug dogs are extremely effective and capable at locating and killing bed bugs. Not only that, they can find out these pests prompter and more efficiently than humans can. All thanks to their nose, that is also sometimes referred to as “the cutting edge technology”.

References also show that the average dog has approximately 250 million receptors, and humans have approximately 35 million. Their sense of smell is believed to be over 1000 times more sensitive than humans- that is pretty much why bed bug dogs are so effective. Some of the other reasons include, they are extremely effective, efficient, and trustworthy.

Which Are The Best Breeds for Detecting and Sniffing Out Bed Bugs?

There are several breeds such as, Belgian Malinois, Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, etc that make suitable scent detection dogs. However, medium and small breed dogs, and beagles are considered to be one of the most popular breeds for this purpose. Small breeds are less intimidating, take up less space, and can be easily lifted to smell in difficult to reach places.

So from now on enjoy a bug free night with your bed bug dog!

bed bug dogs find bed bugs hiding