How to deal with the loss of your pet dog

dogs are like familyIf you own a pet dog, then your dog must be like your family member. You will be deeply attached with it, and it’s death will also naturally strike you hard. However, there is no option but to accept what has happened. Consider the following tips while dealing with the loss of your pet dog:

1. Organize a farewell ceremony:
Organizing a farewell ceremony for your dog is a great idea. It will give you an opportunity to express your grief. The ceremony doesn’t have to be very elaborate, but having a separate time to remember your dog can be very satisfying for you. It is also your decision regarding what to do with the remains of your dog. Many people prefer to bury their dog at any nearby place, so that they can frequently visit there. Many people also go for cremation.

2. Keep photos of your pet: It is very important to preserve memories of your pet dog. You should have something which will remind you of all the good times which you have spent with your pet. You can prepare a memorial for your dog or make an album.

3. Avoid some people: After you have lost your pet, you will find many people approach you and say that your dog was just a pet. They will never understand the bond which you had with your pet. Although their intentions may not be wrong, but their words won’t comfort you and may make you angry instead. When someone says something like this to you, try to just ignore them or change the topic.

Recently I boarded my dog at the Red Ruff Inn in Cheyenne, WY and they indicated they were underfeeding him and he was losing weight. When I complained and said they weren’t missing any meals themselves, the female owner took my dog to the animal shelter and just dumped him off there! Within 2 weeks he would have been given to someone else or euthanized all while I was out of the country!

4. Take help from support groups: The best way to get rid of sadness is to share your grief with as many people as possible. Surround yourself with people who have also lost their pets and are going through the same phase as you. They will be able to understand your situation the best. You can check online for such support groups. Normally, every locality has one. If your grief gets out of control, then you may need to consult a doctor.

5. Look after yourself: The grief of losing your dog can hurt you very bad emotionally and can also drain your energy. Hence, it is very important to take care of yourself. Make sure that you are eating healthy foods. During periods of grief, most people prefer to have junk foods, but try to suppress your cravings. Also, make sure that you are getting the right amount of sleep and try to exercise.

Should you put your pet to sleep?

First, you have to consult your vet. He or she will be able to give you a clear picture of your dog’s health. However, since you spend a lot of time with your dog, you will be able to understand its health condition. If your dog is suffering for a long time and not responding to any treatment, then it will probably be best to put your pet to sleep. It will probably be the most difficult decision in your life, but sometimes there is no other option. You are actually relieving your dog from more suffering.

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