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Rachel Ray Dog Food Review

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rachel ray dog food reviewsFeeding your pet dog shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. With this in mind, Rachel Ray sets out a dog meal that would not only be readily available in stores near you but also be as nutritious as possible.

Unlike most other dog foods, Rachel Ray’s Nutrish contains only six ingredients: turkey, turkey meal, chicken meal, dried peas, tapioca starch and poultry fat. This is a well-balanced meal for your dog.

No fillers

You will be glad to know that Nutrish has no fillers. You won’t have to worry about the repercussions of fillers on your most favorite pet. Your pet deserves the best because you value it as the best. The biggest ingredient in Nutrish is turkey and turkey meal. You are aware that turkey meat consists of copious amounts of water. However, the water is lost during the processing of the dog meat leaving behind a small fraction of the meat. Rachel accounts for the loss by including turkey meal and other ingredients instead of taking the easy way out: Adding fillers.

Comparison with other Raw Meat Dog diets

The Rachel Ray Dog Food is the best news for pet owners. If you compare it with other raw dog food diets, you will discover that it is far much healthier and safer for your dog. It is rich in proteins but low on fat. Most other dog foods, like Alpo and El Pollo Loco, can hardly boast of their nutritional content. In addition, you are not likely to find them in the nearby local stores.

Health benefits

There are numerous health benefits of feeding your dog with Rachel Ray dog food. First, this kibble is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Your dog definitely requires proteins for muscle growth and carbohydrates for generating sufficient energy levels. It also builds and sustains the dog’s immunity to common ailments.

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Common illnesses affecting aging pets

As dogs grow older, their immunity system weakens and they become susceptible to various diseases. Rachel’s Nutrish can go a long way in mitigating the symptoms of most of the diseases. Some of them are listed below:


If your dog is constantly losing weight and sores that don’t seem to be healing, chances are it has cancer. Other symptoms to look out for include difficulties in breathing, eating and general loss of appetite.


Aging dogs suddenly lose their ability to jump and have problems moving from one place to another. They tend to become irritable and reclusive. If it starts soiling the house, look out for arthritis.

Kidney failure

The dog becomes very thirsty and urinates more often. It loses interest in food and quickly loses weight. Get a specialist as soon as possible because these are signs of kidney complications.


This is a clear sign that your pet is losing vision. It bumps into objects and can no longer enjoy the game of retrieving items. Its eyes appear cloudy because they are covered with cataracts.There are many other ailments that afflict aging pets, and the affliction will mostly depend on the type of pet.

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