Being a Dog Sitter- Is It Worth It?

Pros and Cons of Being a Sitter

Pros of Being a Rover Sitter

1. You can Start Making Money Right Now- if you will just take a few hours to make your Rover sitter profile look nice and friendly, show people pics of your home with happy dogs and your yard, and put out good vibes, you should get your first customers pretty fast, and they take only a small cut of your earnings
2. Online Support- offers assistance to its sitters in the form of emergency vet care
3. Rover Does the Groundwork for You- Should you choose, you don’t have to lift a finger, drop off any fliers, or get word of mouth to have a customer base

Cons of Being a Rover Sitter

1. Geo Dependent- The size of your town and its demographics as well as tourism play a role in how many customers you might get
2. Can’t Always Be Trusted- has threatened people with lawsuits for using their logo on websites and they even go to local government meetings in attempt to make existing home dog sitters outlawed and banned from the game, so they make more $
3. Wants 100% Access to Your Business- Rover may simply put your profile at the end of the search list should you make a mistake at any given time or if a customer complains, and they don’t want you getting outside business for your dog sitting operation. If they suspect that you have offered under the table arrangements for long-time customers, they will likely shut your profile down.

Find out how to get around and to use them to build your own massively successful dog sitting business, with or without them!

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