Asonor and Zz Snore Spray Doing Abusive Animal Testing on Greyhound Dogs

Stop Snoring Company Asonor/Zz Spray Torturing Dogs

Europe-based Asonor and now US counterpart Zz Snore Spray have been revealed as animal abusers, having disclosed the fact that they drug greyhound dogs and clamp their noses shut to administer and test their saltwater based stop snoring solution. My Asonor review was written to expose their cruel treatment of man’s best friend in a time when most of us thought only “bad” companies did bad things to animals. The truth is much worse.

asonor reviewsAsonor recently made headway into US markets under the product spin-off Zz Snore. Their stop snoring/anti sleep apnea “solution” is nothing more than saltwater, preservatives, and a few typical emulsifiers to maintain product consistency. They casually admit to using anasthetized greyhounds in their white papers and describe how they force the dogs into a drugged state, then shut their nostrils involuntarily while spraying them with NACL and sodium-based Asonor.

The greyhounds used in animal testing have often come from abusive backgrounds where they were already treated like a commodity to be disposed of once they outlived profitability, and now Asonor/Zz Snore can’t scoop them up quickly enough to drug them, shut their natural airways and hold them down to test out their product for snoring. Denying these amazing dogs affection and respect and using them as objects against their will reveal a truly despicable company in Asonor, but it gets worse as you analyze their actual product.

Asonor’s Price is Exorbitantly Expensive

Their product likely costs about $2 – 5 USD to make, but they turn around and sell a 2-pack of Asonor on their website for a whopping 40 Euro. That comes out to about $45 to $50 US dollars. So they are not only hurting sweet lovable dogs and abusing them for their product testing, they are also making out like bandits every time they sell their fancy saltwater nasal spray on their website.

What do you expect, honestly, from animal abusers like Zz Snore and Asonor?

Asonor/Zz Snore Spray then:

1. Abuse animals which were likely already mistreated, but can now suffer their final days on Earth as lab subjects drugged, used, and neglected

2. Markets saltwater as a miracle cure for sleep apnea and snoring

3. Charges 1,000% markup on a product that requires no animal testing (humans would have sufficed), and is just trumped up saltwater (what is the safety long-term of this practice for snoring sufferers?)

Final Word on Asonor/Zz Spray

For the obvious reasons we give Zz Snore Spray and Asonor a grade of F-.

Sadly, it’s not just Asonor that does animal testing. There are a lot of other companies out there that do animal testing, often in China to conceal the dark nature of the tests for their products.

companies like asonor that do animal testing

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