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Carbon Dioxide, Dirty Laundry and Bed Bugs- the Missing Link

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bed bugs hide in dirty clothesHeavy breathers may want to pay attention to this. Carbon dioxide i.e. the air you breathe out when you exhale is now thought to be a huge attractant to insects, especially bed bugs.

But while bed bugs are strongly attracted to carbon dioxide, so are mosquitoes and other insects, as an experiment leaving dry ice in the woods yielded results and new insights for entomologists trying to understand insect behavior.

Bed bugs are actually found to prefer dirty clothes over clean clothes, determined in another experiment where bed bugs were set in a room after a big meal, and allowed to choose a hiding spot between a set of dirty and clean clothes.

The bed bugs most often chose the dirty clothes.

Precautions to take to Prevent Bed Bugs

#1. When you travel, put your dirty clothes into sealed plastic bags. Hotel rooms are notorious hiding spots for bed bugs. Because they don’t travel well up smooth services, always take advantage of the usual luggage or suitcase stand provided in most hotel rooms for travelers.

#2. Never leave clothes on the bed while traveling. Again, bed bugs hiding in the creases of a mattress or box spring will likely explore anything that smells human, so beware of hangers on which can easily slip into your coat or jacket that you casually drop on the bed.

#3. Use a preventative bed bug powder like DE! which as long as kept dry, lasts indefinitely to kill and ward off bed bugs. Additionally, once bed bugs realize it’s there, they may avoid your mattress or any pathway to your bed altogether. People with active bed bug infestations can put DE! nearly everywhere including on the floor in the carpet, in the mattress and box spring, and even in the cracks of sofas and couches.

Check to see if you have bed bugs- or dust mites

Why Are Bed Bugs a Problem Again?

Due to the high rate of travel in the world as well as mass immigration into the Western world, many countries like the United States, France, and even Australia are seeing record numbers of bed bugs. Because governments are relatively clueless as to how to defeat them since they made effective pesticides illegal due to health concerns, that leaves very few viable options for normal people to get rid of bed bugs.

Still, natural effective bed bug treatments and affordable solutions do exist, though they’re often difficult to order outside of your own country due to insecticide laws that many countries have. The market monopolies and regulations on the existing natural pesticide industries are indeed hurting many consumers and businesses alike, with no end in immediate sight.

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