Leash Training Your Dog to Not Pull During Your Walks

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stopping dog from pulling on leash with hands free dog leash hiking harness

Dog Pulling on Leash Again…
training how to stop dog pulling on leash

Your dog’s been cooped up inside the house all day and now it’s time to give him that evening walk he sits at home and daydreams about all day. You’ve had a long day at work and you just want to have a chill evening and relax, and now you’re walking around trying to contain what feels like a stead of horses.

Aside from the 4 Tips to Stop Dog Pulling we’re giving you here today, one of the most important aspects to reverse your dog’s tendency to pull on the leash while walking is going to be your inner or mental game. If your emotions are calm and composed and you exhibit personal strength and confidence, all of your dog’s behavior is going to eventually be seen as unproductive and it will be willing to adapt to a new strategy- hopefully walking in sync with you without pulling and tugging from now on.

training dog not to pull

4 Tips to Stop Dog Pulling Today

When trying to stop your dog from pulling and tugging you during walks, it’s important to remember that you’re not the first person trying to solve this problem, so fortunately there are solutions to this very common dog behavioral problem. But you have to actually use them!

    1. When the dog pulls, immediately stop and stand completely still until the leash relaxes, either by your dog taking a step back or turning around to give you focus. When the leash is nicely relaxed, proceed on your walk. Repeat this as necessary. If you find this technique too slow you can try the reverse direction method.” – Pulling on the Leash 
    2. Give your dog some off leash time. If all your dog knows you as outside the home sphere is that guy who ties them up and drags them around, they are probably going to view you as a source of torture. This is why taking your dog out to an unoccupied field where it’s just you two will give your dog some much needed, and surprising, freedom. When the dog starts to understand that the dog leash itself is a necessary tool to keep you two together when out in public during transport from home to freedom, this will go a long way in your dog’s mind!
    3. Get a No Pull Dog Harness. A good no pull dog harness/collar will eliminate about 70% of your dog’s tendency to pull, mainly because a no pull dog harness that fits around your dog’s chest changes the balance between center of gravity being in favor of your dog to the other way around. It makes your dog’s ability to pull you greatly diminished by putting the load requirement on the dog’s back legs, and most dogs’ strength and power comes from their neck and shoulder area.
    4. Get a Hands Free Dog Leash or Hiking Harness. A great way to reverse the pulling tendency of your rambunctious dog is to use a hands free dog leash which attaches to your dog’s collar like any other, but it is attached to you as well! And specially made hand free leash will greatly reduce the sudden jerking movements of your dog during a walk, as the tension and kinetic energy are diffused via a retractable bungee material. It clips to your waist via a lightweight belt and is also perfect for running, hiking, jogging, and walking.

Training Dog Not to Pull: YouTube Video

Dog Pulling Tried Everything?

stopping dog from pulling on leash with hands free dog leash hiking harnessWe’re reasonably certain that if you apply the strategies, techniques and dog product innovations we listed here today consistently, your dog’s behavior is going to improve. Remember to turn the tables on your relationship with your dog and exude the fact that you guys are a team. You are not the master overlord and your dog is peasant underling. When you can look at your dog, treat and show your dog appreciation and respect as a friend it will start to view you as its partner.

The Red Ruff Inn in Cheyenne WY – Up to Their Old Tricks, Still Attempting to Ruin (New) People’s Lives

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As if it wasn’t enough the Red Ruff Inn dropped my dog off at the Cheyenne animal shelter when I was on vacation because they did not like some things I said in a few back-and-forth emails with them regarding underfeeding my dog, it would appear the Cheyenne Mafia at the Red Ruff Inn is back and badder than ever.

A lady named Holly contacted me recently. I’ll simply share her story as she said it here:

“I have seen your reviews of Red Ruff in Cheyenne. I’m getting ready to file a small claims case on them. After seeing your reviews now, would you mind writing me a statement of your experience with them that I can present in court.

They have basically done the same thing to me. My regular kennel was full so I booked this place. 8 hours after I dropped them off, I got a call from them saying my dog’s foot was hurt, and may or may not need to go to vet. Long day later – and 5 different stories later, they dropped both my dogs off at my vet. And now after I asked them to sit down and meet about it and come clean about how my dog got hurt – they refused.

So I left them reviews on FB, Yelp, and Google – and she is freaking out. She has others going on and writing reviews to counter mine. She is trying to cause personal problems for me. She got my boyfriend’s co-worker and best friend involved (as he was who recommended against them). And now because his wife is friends with Brittany – he is now backing them up. And they have lied to him, saying I was bashing them (totally untrue) and now my boyfriend and I have broken up over it – as apparently Brittany is very believable.

I wasn’t initially going to even go after them for my vet bills. My dog ended up having surgery, and I’m not just going to let this go now.”

So if you needed a reason to not use the Red Ruff Inn in Cheyenne, Wyoming, now you have 2.

Asonor and Zz Snore Spray Doing Abusive Animal Testing on Greyhound Dogs

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Stop Snoring Company Asonor/Zz Spray Torturing Dogs

Europe-based Asonor and now US counterpart Zz Snore Spray have been revealed as animal abusers, having disclosed the fact that they drug greyhound dogs and clamp their noses shut to administer and test their saltwater based stop snoring solution. My Asonor review was written to expose their cruel treatment of man’s best friend in a time when most of us thought only “bad” companies did bad things to animals. The truth is much worse.

asonor reviewsAsonor recently made headway into US markets under the product spin-off Zz Snore. Their stop snoring/anti sleep apnea “solution” is nothing more than saltwater, preservatives, and a few typical emulsifiers to maintain product consistency. They casually admit to using anasthetized greyhounds in their white papers and describe how they force the dogs into a drugged state, then shut their nostrils involuntarily while spraying them with NACL and sodium-based Asonor.

The greyhounds used in animal testing have often come from abusive backgrounds where they were already treated like a commodity to be disposed of once they outlived profitability, and now Asonor/Zz Snore can’t scoop them up quickly enough to drug them, shut their natural airways and hold them down to test out their product for snoring. Denying these amazing dogs affection and respect and using them as objects against their will reveal a truly despicable company in Asonor, but it gets worse as you analyze their actual product.

Asonor’s Price is Exorbitantly Expensive

Their product likely costs about $2 – 5 USD to make, but they turn around and sell a 2-pack of Asonor on their website for a whopping 40 Euro. That comes out to about $45 to $50 US dollars. So they are not only hurting sweet lovable dogs and abusing them for their product testing, they are also making out like bandits every time they sell their fancy saltwater nasal spray on their website.

What do you expect, honestly, from animal abusers like Zz Snore and Asonor?

Asonor/Zz Snore Spray then:

1. Abuse animals which were likely already mistreated, but can now suffer their final days on Earth as lab subjects drugged, used, and neglected

2. Markets saltwater as a miracle cure for sleep apnea and snoring

3. Charges 1,000% markup on a product that requires no animal testing (humans would have sufficed), and is just trumped up saltwater (what is the safety long-term of this practice for snoring sufferers?)

Final Word on Asonor/Zz Spray

For the obvious reasons we give Zz Snore Spray and Asonor a grade of F-.

Sadly, it’s not just Asonor that does animal testing. There are a lot of other companies out there that do animal testing, often in China to conceal the dark nature of the tests for their products.

companies like asonor that do animal testing

Carbon Dioxide, Dirty Laundry and Bed Bugs- the Missing Link

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bed bugs hide in dirty clothes

bed bugs hide in dirty clothesHeavy breathers may want to pay attention to this. Carbon dioxide i.e. the air you breathe out when you exhale is now thought to be a huge attractant to insects, especially bed bugs.

But while bed bugs are strongly attracted to carbon dioxide, so are mosquitoes and other insects, as an experiment leaving dry ice in the woods yielded results and new insights for entomologists trying to understand insect behavior.

Bed bugs are actually found to prefer dirty clothes over clean clothes, determined in another experiment where bed bugs were set in a room after a big meal, and allowed to choose a hiding spot between a set of dirty and clean clothes.

The bed bugs most often chose the dirty clothes.

Precautions to take to Prevent Bed Bugs

#1. When you travel, put your dirty clothes into sealed plastic bags. Hotel rooms are notorious hiding spots for bed bugs. Because they don’t travel well up smooth services, always take advantage of the usual luggage or suitcase stand provided in most hotel rooms for travelers.

#2. Never leave clothes on the bed while traveling. Again, bed bugs hiding in the creases of a mattress or box spring will likely explore anything that smells human, so beware of hangers on which can easily slip into your coat or jacket that you casually drop on the bed.

#3. Use a preventative bed bug powder like DE! which as long as kept dry, lasts indefinitely to kill and ward off bed bugs. Additionally, once bed bugs realize it’s there, they may avoid your mattress or any pathway to your bed altogether. People with active bed bug infestations can put DE! nearly everywhere including on the floor in the carpet, in the mattress and box spring, and even in the cracks of sofas and couches.

Check to see if you have bed bugs- or dust mites

Why Are Bed Bugs a Problem Again?

Due to the high rate of travel in the world as well as mass immigration into the Western world, many countries like the United States, France, and even Australia are seeing record numbers of bed bugs. Because governments are relatively clueless as to how to defeat them since they made effective pesticides illegal due to health concerns, that leaves very few viable options for normal people to get rid of bed bugs.

Still, natural effective bed bug treatments and affordable solutions do exist, though they’re often difficult to order outside of your own country due to insecticide laws that many countries have. The market monopolies and regulations on the existing natural pesticide industries are indeed hurting many consumers and businesses alike, with no end in immediate sight.

the 100% Natural, Best Bed Bug Killer

Being a Rover.com Dog Sitter- Is It Worth It?

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Pros and Cons of Being a Rover.com Sitter

Pros of Being a Rover Sitter

1. You can Start Making Money Right Now- if you will just take a few hours to make your Rover sitter profile look nice and friendly, show people pics of your home with happy dogs and your yard, and put out good vibes, you should get your first customers pretty fast, and they take only a small cut of your earnings
2. Online Support- Rover.com offers assistance to its sitters in the form of emergency vet care
3. Rover Does the Groundwork for You- Should you choose, you don’t have to lift a finger, drop off any fliers, or get word of mouth to have a customer base

Cons of Being a Rover Sitter

1. Geo Dependent- The size of your town and its demographics as well as tourism play a role in how many customers you might get
2. Rover.com Can’t Always Be Trusted- Rover.com has threatened people with lawsuits for using their logo on websites and they even go to local government meetings in attempt to make existing home dog sitters outlawed and banned from the game, so they make more $
3. Rover.com Wants 100% Access to Your Business- Rover may simply put your profile at the end of the search list should you make a mistake at any given time or if a customer complains, and they don’t want you getting outside business for your dog sitting operation. If they suspect that you have offered under the table arrangements for long-time customers, they will likely shut your profile down.

Find out how to get around Rover.com and to use them to build your own massively successful dog sitting business, with or without them!

How to Find a Dog Sitter, Doggy Daycare or Dog Walker Online: Rover.com Review

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Pros and Cons of Rover.com



1. Convenient- using their app makes finding a dog sitter in an unfamiliar city possible
2. Affordable- an overnight stay can range from $20 – $50
3. Consumer friendly- website and app are easy to use, and you can peruse vital information about the various sitters on their site profiles


1. Potentially dishonest- Rover.com can and will remove your negative reviews of their sitters, which is a disservice to all consumers
2. Potentially unreliable- many Rover sitters range from nice elderly folks to college students, and many are not trained in any type of customer service
3. Potentially unsafe- because Rover uses novice dog sitters with little to no oversight, there’s no guarantee your dog is being responsibly watched over

Au moins 180.000 sites infestés par les punaises de lit en France en 2016

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paris punaises de lit

Bed bug s ces dernières années ont attaqué plus de 180000 sites autour de la France. De nombreuses solutions ont été mises en place pour contrer l’effet de ces parasites. De nombreux blogs sont apparus sur des sites Web sur la façon dont ces parasites affectent la société.

Paris a un problème de punaises de lit

Les compagnies de lutte antiparasitaire en France sont regroupées par les chambres 3D Union. L’année dernière, le syndicat a donné une estimation du nombre de cas de gueule de lit dont ils ont traité. Beaucoup de gens en France ne savent pas ce que font les punaises. Quand les dormeurs dorment la nuit, ces petits insectes apparaissent et sucent le sang de leurs victimes. Comme l’a rapporté la fondation Le Figaro, CS3D a déclaré que leur effort conjugué avec les compagnies de lutte antiparasitaire résume que 180000 cas ont été traités en 2016 seulement.

De nombreux Français ont tendance à faire face eux-mêmes au problème du bug du lit. Un rapport de l’homme des rayons CS3D montre que les infestations de baisses de lit ont été signalées par les maisons, les entreprises, les maisons de retraite et les hôpitaux. Cela montre que le chiffre est beaucoup plus exhaustif et que d’autres cas peuvent être signalés dans les années à venir. Dans les endroits où les personnes reposent, des infestations de biseau peuvent avoir lieu.

Les experts affirment que les punaises de lit sont devenues un problème de santé majeur. Ces parasites semblent avoir connu une grande force depuis les années 1990. De plus, non seulement les États et les villes françaises ont été touchés, mais aussi d’autres grandes villes. Au milieu de l’année 2000, de nombreux cas ont été signalés dans les grandes villes, notamment: New York, Montréal et Londres. La présence de ces insectes semble se développer année après année et des mesures efficaces sont mises en place sur la façon d’éradiquer ces ravageurs. La recherche est menée par des professionnels de la santé sur la façon de dégager ces ravageurs d’une seule fois.

Des troubles de santé ont été signalés. Éloignant des traumatismes, de l’anxiété, des insomnies et d’autres troubles psychologiques qui peuvent se produire en cas d’infestations de bactéricues. Les autorités sanitaires perçoivent les punaises de lit tout comme des cas de nuisance. Les victimes de ces «bêtes» affirment que l’expérience horrible qu’ils obtiennent de ces insectes est insondable. Des cas rares sont apparus où même les expériences de mort ont été rapportées. De nombreux facteurs peuvent conduire à l’existence de punaises de lit. La principale cause de l’infestation par les insectes du lit est de les transporter à partir d’un lieu infesté sans connaissance.

paris punaises de litPunaises de lit

Il y a un site Web appelé Defensive End! Cela vous envoie une solution efficace tout-naturel peu coûteuse qui aide la France à mieux régler le problème du problème de lit, avec une livraison de 3 jours disponible.

En conclusion, de nombreux problèmes d’insensibilité au lit ne sont pas considérés comme des maladies vectorielles. ont rapporté les rapports de l’ARS. Deux professeurs ont mené une recherche et ont découvert que le problème de l’insouciance était un énorme problème de santé. Des considérations sont mises en place lorsque le gouvernement français attend avec intérêt d’améliorer les soins de santé. De plus, le secteur de la santé français prend le rôle d’éduquer le public sur la façon de faire face au problème du bug du lit. Les entreprises de lutte antiparasitaire ne sont qu’un appel téléphonique.

How to deal with the loss of your pet dog

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dogs are like family

dogs are like familyIf you own a pet dog, then your dog must be like your family member. You will be deeply attached with it, and it’s death will also naturally strike you hard. However, there is no option but to accept what has happened. Consider the following tips while dealing with the loss of your pet dog:

1. Organize a farewell ceremony:
Organizing a farewell ceremony for your dog is a great idea. It will give you an opportunity to express your grief. The ceremony doesn’t have to be very elaborate, but having a separate time to remember your dog can be very satisfying for you. It is also your decision regarding what to do with the remains of your dog. Many people prefer to bury their dog at any nearby place, so that they can frequently visit there. Many people also go for cremation.

2. Keep photos of your pet: It is very important to preserve memories of your pet dog. You should have something which will remind you of all the good times which you have spent with your pet. You can prepare a memorial for your dog or make an album.

3. Avoid some people: After you have lost your pet, you will find many people approach you and say that your dog was just a pet. They will never understand the bond which you had with your pet. Although their intentions may not be wrong, but their words won’t comfort you and may make you angry instead. When someone says something like this to you, try to just ignore them or change the topic.

Recently I boarded my dog at the Red Ruff Inn in Cheyenne, WY and they indicated they were underfeeding him and he was losing weight. When I complained and said they weren’t missing any meals themselves, the female owner took my dog to the animal shelter and just dumped him off there! Within 2 weeks he would have been given to someone else or euthanized all while I was out of the country!

4. Take help from support groups: The best way to get rid of sadness is to share your grief with as many people as possible. Surround yourself with people who have also lost their pets and are going through the same phase as you. They will be able to understand your situation the best. You can check online for such support groups. Normally, every locality has one. If your grief gets out of control, then you may need to consult a doctor.

5. Look after yourself: The grief of losing your dog can hurt you very bad emotionally and can also drain your energy. Hence, it is very important to take care of yourself. Make sure that you are eating healthy foods. During periods of grief, most people prefer to have junk foods, but try to suppress your cravings. Also, make sure that you are getting the right amount of sleep and try to exercise.

Should you put your pet to sleep?

First, you have to consult your vet. He or she will be able to give you a clear picture of your dog’s health. However, since you spend a lot of time with your dog, you will be able to understand its health condition. If your dog is suffering for a long time and not responding to any treatment, then it will probably be best to put your pet to sleep. It will probably be the most difficult decision in your life, but sometimes there is no other option. You are actually relieving your dog from more suffering.

Factors That Make A Good Doggy Daycare Business

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doggycare-businessThe whole purpose for taking your dog to a daycare is so that they can be fed and kept company while their owner is away. Dogs get a chance to play with others and although they may not speak like humans, when they bond, they tend to have their own language of communication with one another.

Sadly, a number of dog owners will agree that getting the best doggy daycare service can be quite hard especially if one lives in a town or city where the dog daycare business is not that well established. Other times, there are providers of these services who promise heaven on earth services but fail to do so.

On the brighter side, there are people who have invested in the dog daycare industry and are actually successful in it. One may wonder why this is so since their colleagues in the same industry are complaining that it is not that profitable. Well, below are a few things that they do that makes them stand out and attract customers.

Range of activities
The best dog daycare businesses provide a variety of activities for the dogs to engage in. Dogs are just like human beings and they deserve to have fun and not be treated casually. So apart from the normal activities such as feeding, there is dog training and games for them. To learn more about how to start a doggy daycare you can review various articles and post online so that you can manage your own business in a proper way.

The dogs are taught on how to do a number of things and since they are a number of them in the same daycare, it is easier for them to adjust and enjoy themselves while at it. This dog training also makes dogs smarter as they are skilled in other things that they would not have known how to do had they not be taken to the daycare.

Medical services
Another factor that makes some dog daycare businesses fruitful is the provision of health services at the daycare. Dog daycares that have a resident veterinary doctor attract more clients since the dog owners are assured that in case there is an accident or their dog falls sick, they are in good hands and they will get the best medical service. Furthermore, if the dog is too unwell or the injury is life-threatening, they offer dog training tips so that the can monitor the dog’s condition.

The locality of the daycare also determines a lot as it should be somewhere convenient for the dog owners. No one wants to drive several miles daily to bring their dogs to the daycare when they can get another within the town center. The daycare should also be well constructed and have enough space for movement.

Customer service

Just like any other business, one needs to put the needs of their customer’s first. Satisfied customers always come back and even recommend others to bring their dogs. They always keep their customers updated on any news information that they have and try the best to take care of every need of theirs.

Furthermore, they even offer dog boarding incase the dog owner is unable to pick the dog at the end of the day. Some of them may even offer to care for your dog while you are away from home for a longer time.


In the competitive business world, one needs to do more than what normal people do to become efficacious. The above things are what most make owners of dog daycare businesses successful and satisfied.

Rachel Ray Dog Food Review

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rachel ray dog food reviews

rachel ray dog food reviewsFeeding your pet dog shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. With this in mind, Rachel Ray sets out a dog meal that would not only be readily available in stores near you but also be as nutritious as possible.

Unlike most other dog foods, Rachel Ray’s Nutrish contains only six ingredients: turkey, turkey meal, chicken meal, dried peas, tapioca starch and poultry fat. This is a well-balanced meal for your dog.

No fillers

You will be glad to know that Nutrish has no fillers. You won’t have to worry about the repercussions of fillers on your most favorite pet. Your pet deserves the best because you value it as the best. The biggest ingredient in Nutrish is turkey and turkey meal. You are aware that turkey meat consists of copious amounts of water. However, the water is lost during the processing of the dog meat leaving behind a small fraction of the meat. Rachel accounts for the loss by including turkey meal and other ingredients instead of taking the easy way out: Adding fillers.

Comparison with other Raw Meat Dog diets

The Rachel Ray Dog Food is the best news for pet owners. If you compare it with other raw dog food diets, you will discover that it is far much healthier and safer for your dog. It is rich in proteins but low on fat. Most other dog foods, like Alpo and El Pollo Loco, can hardly boast of their nutritional content. In addition, you are not likely to find them in the nearby local stores.

Health benefits

There are numerous health benefits of feeding your dog with Rachel Ray dog food. First, this kibble is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Your dog definitely requires proteins for muscle growth and carbohydrates for generating sufficient energy levels. It also builds and sustains the dog’s immunity to common ailments.

Have you ever wanted to start your own doggy daycare or boarding business from home? Read our Rover.com review for starting a dog boarding business and learn how to get started making money hanging out with dogs all day on your own time!

Common illnesses affecting aging pets

As dogs grow older, their immunity system weakens and they become susceptible to various diseases. Rachel’s Nutrish can go a long way in mitigating the symptoms of most of the diseases. Some of them are listed below:


If your dog is constantly losing weight and sores that don’t seem to be healing, chances are it has cancer. Other symptoms to look out for include difficulties in breathing, eating and general loss of appetite.


Aging dogs suddenly lose their ability to jump and have problems moving from one place to another. They tend to become irritable and reclusive. If it starts soiling the house, look out for arthritis.

Kidney failure

The dog becomes very thirsty and urinates more often. It loses interest in food and quickly loses weight. Get a specialist as soon as possible because these are signs of kidney complications.


This is a clear sign that your pet is losing vision. It bumps into objects and can no longer enjoy the game of retrieving items. Its eyes appear cloudy because they are covered with cataracts.There are many other ailments that afflict aging pets, and the affliction will mostly depend on the type of pet.

Thanks for reading our Rachel Ray Nutrish dog food review!